Jake & Ciara-Pioneer Square Seattle Wedding

This is one of my favorite weddings to date. I may be a little biased because it's my sisters wedding, but seriously! The venue, the gown, the grooms suit, the floral, the professionals that helped make this day happen......it's all just so on point! I think it would be a favorite of mine even if the bride wasn't my sister. 

This wedding also highlights something I wish I would have known when I was married 13 years ago. You don't have to invite everyone you know. You don't have to have a huge blowout bash. You can invite 40-50 of your closest friends and family and have the most beautiful, intimate gathering and have the most amazing time. You can DO WHAT YOU WANT. And because they had a smaller gathering, they were able to have things they really loved. Homemade cookies and cheesecake instead of a giant cake, open Seattle Cider bar, a really amazing dinner instead of sacrificing quality food to feed 300 people, and a beautiful smaller venue in one of the most historic parts of Seattle. Those of us "normals" who don't have the money to have a giant $50,000 wedding, it's okay to have a smaller guest list to have the things you really want. To truly spoil your loved ones. After this day, I sure felt spoiled. I even had time to get on the dance floor and have a couple ciders too! #dancingphotographer for life. 

Anyways, here's some perfect wedding eye candy for all y'all.