Lake Wenatchee Boho Wedding Inspiration

Good morning everyone! I wanted to FINALLY share this wedding inspiration with you today. I captured this 3 years ago! But better late than never right?! Wait… did I say that on my last two blog posts as well? I think I should just change my business name to Reese, better late than never. But I’m always on time to meetings, weddings and appointments. Just blogging…..I can’t seem to get it together.

Anyways, here is this delightful little vintagey boho wedding inspiration for you guys. Soak it in and hopefully you will find some inspiration for your own wedding plans. These vendors were all amazing to work with. These women have real amazing talent. And this was over three years ago, so they’ve probably added even more skills to their arsenal since this was shot.

So why am I sharing this with you today even though I’ve captured countless weddings since? Because we all get a little to caught up in trends sometimes. As vendors we are guilty of it too. Trying to push ourselves forward all the time and keep up with what’s happening in the industry. But this Styled Wedding is a reminder that some beautiful things are just classic. A gorgeous braid, some meaningful details that have significance to the bride and groom, like your grandmothers precious brooch or your grandfathers tie, a piece of property that is wildly beautiful, and a delicious cake. These things are simple but they are timeless. If you are planning your wedding and your caught up with worrying that it isn’t going to be cool enough, unique enough, trendy enough, just remember the most important things that will matter to you no matter what decade we are in. When you look back on your day 20 years from now and something completely different is trending, the things that will still be special to you then are the things you should invest energy into worrying about now. The photos of the two of you looking at each other with that twinkle in your eye. The bouquet your looking down at that has your favorite flower in it. The flatware that your great grandparents used to cut their cake 70 years ago, that has been passed down from generation to generation. That thrifted suit your husband wore that took you hours to find together, hunting through racks and driving around all day, laughing together about how broke you were. Laughing and sweating with your best friends on the dance floor.. Trends will come and go but these things, these memories, are forever. SO yes. This Wedding Inspiration was captured a few years ago. But the feeling we were reaching for, that feeling is timelessness.

So if this styled wedding inspires you in only one way, I hope it is to put your mind and heart at ease and remind you what is truly important in life.


Makeup Artist: Kristi Stickles of Simply Skin

Hair Stylist: Ciara Schumann from La Tresse

Invitations: Paisiri Stelnik of Pink Balloon Paper

Chalk Art: Josie Rutherford of Chalk Chic Mama

Floral: Patti Bosket of Au Naturel

Wedding Gowns: Bella Sera

Cake: Lisa Blue Simmons of Cupcake Blues

Styling and Vintage Rentals: Heather Johnston of HRJ Events & Rentals