Mac & Amanda Olympic Sculpture Park Seattle Engagement Session

This shoot is…….aaaaahhhhhh….These two are the most supportive and lovely clients. Clients that trust you, and give you creative freedom, help put you in a place where you do your best work. My strongest suggestion for hiring a wedding and engagement photographer, is pick someone whose past work you LOVE and then let them do their thing. Put your confidence in them. A creative really shines when they feel like their client trusts them. This shoot is an example of that.

Those last few images on the beach are still so inspiring to me. I had this vision of a couple in an old movie falling in love on the beach. It’s a vague inspiration but I can feel those vibes when I look at those images. I just love it and I can’t believe I’ve been keeping it all to myself for this long. So here it is. One of my favorite shoots ever friends.