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Reese Ferguson Simple Light Photography Tacoma Seattle WA Wedding

Do you photoshop or edit our images?

I edit the images in my own natural style in Lightroom. It's important to me that your images can be passed down in your family for generations and have a timeless feel. They are never overdone or over edited. No skin retouching or altering of the images in photoshop unless you request I do so. If you would like minor skin retouching or objects removed from a photo I have a special rate for these services. Feel free to ask me about it!


How does the wedding booking process go?

I send you a questionnaire to learn more about you and your plans, we meet in person to discuss details and get to know each other. To Book, you pay a 25% deposit and fill out the contract. Then we plan your engagement session and the real fun begins! The remainder of your Collection balance is due 14 days prior to your event date so you don't have to worry about pesky billing questions on your big day. You just get to relax and party with your peeps!

Olympic Peninsula Elopement Cabin Wedding Photography by Reese Ferguson

How will I get my images?

In a personal online gallery. You can share it with friends and family, purchase prints, and download them to devices to share on social media. It's so easy and fun! You'll also receive a slideshow of my top favorite images. Like a highlights reel.

How far in advance do we need to book you for a wedding?

I book a limited number of weddings every year. Between 10-15. I recommend at least a year in advance. But if you missed the window, try anyways! You never know.....


Why can't I just print at Costco?

Great question. And you'll never hear me come down on Costco. Big fan over here. But it's important to me clients use my professional lab for printing. The paper, ink and general print quality are EXCELLENT. And all my color correcting is designed to work with the color settings on the labs printer. I can guarantee quality and work with them directly if there are issues. They print on heirloom quality paper which is designed to last for generations.

Wenatchee Backyard Wedding Photography by Reese Ferguson

Is printing included?

No but high resolution, print quality images are available to you through the shop tab on your gallery. I do my best to keep these prices reasonable so you can enjoy tangible products in your home and on your walls! I love to see how clients display their images and there are countless options. Ask me about products!


Got more questions?

Schedule and chat in person or over the phone!

I'd love to answer all your questions and make sure we are on the same page.


Equipment & Session Info

What kind of camera do you use?

I use Canon cameras and lenses. I alternate between using my 5D Mark ||| and renting cameras to try out!

I also love using Polaroids and other vintage camera's in my collection. It really depends on the couple and the project, but photography is my passion and I will always be trying some new lens, creative technique or vintage camera I have just acquired. If you love photography like I do lets talk about it and come up with something truly unique! 

Do you bring a second photographer with you?

It depends on your needs. We can discuss your event and see if a second photographer is necessary. If your event calls for one I often bring my husband as my second, he's a pretty killer talent and support team. Or another of a group of photographers I trust and admire. You can check out my Collection page for more info and pricing on adding a second shooter to the mix. 

Do you use flash?

I only use flash when absolutely necessary or creatively impactful.

I prefer natural or available light. I feel like natural and available light captures the moment how you actually felt the moment happening. When the photos call your memories to mind, I want them to be as true to life as possible. 

That being said, some moments cannot be captured without adding another light source and when necessary I will add very soft diffused light. 

I also love playing with flash on the dance floor at your event! It brings life and energy to a photo and I makes a creative impact. We can talk more about your unique day and see if it fits your vibe. 

What should I wear to my engagement, family or style session?

Whatever makes you feel like you. Often times I encourage people to wear something they already feel amazing in, instead of rushing out and buying something new that might not end up making you feel like your best self. 

That's the most important thing. For you to feel like your best, most fun and joyful self.

If you want some feedback on colors etc, just reach out before your session and we can talk about locations and how this impacts the look and feel of your session. 

Seattle Wedding Photographer_Saltadena Cake by Reese_Ferguson_Photography-6199.jpg

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How much do you charge?

I'm so excited you are considering working with me!

For pricing info click the link below,

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