Who Is reese?

Reese Ferguson Wedding Photographer

about me

I absolutely love my job as a photographer. I love making beautiful images for clients that turn into friends. When we look back on our life we see things in fragments. Sometimes those fragments get fuzzier and fuzzier the farther away they become. It is my passion, to capture those fragments, and make the images so strong you never forget those moments. 

When I'm not creating art I love, I am busy making my own life beautiful. 

My husband and I are BIGTIME Diy pals. We have completely renovated the first floor of our 1910 Tacoma, WA home with our own four hands. That's right, framing, electrical, flooring, the whole nine yards! And we are step by step getting the rest of the house done too! Including turning the carriage house into an AirBnB someday soon. We love to take something old and bring it back to it's original glory. 

When we aren't renovating we are planning our next big trip around the world. We have been to SouthEast Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, Central America, Canada and we love to discover new places in the United States too! Traveling is one of my life's greatest passions and it's why I'm drawn to clients who also have a sense of adventure.

We also volunteer together as Bible Teachers. This work has taken us to so many places in the world and exposed us to fascinating people and cultures. This important aspect of our life and faith affects everything we do, including the way I do business. 

If I'm not working, renovating or traveling, you'll find me cooking at home with my husband, making cocktails, practicing my French, hanging out with friends and family by any campfire or body of water, snuggling my nieces and nephews, or finding somewhere in the woods to explore and go off grid!