Hi! You found your photographers!

Hello friends! I’m Reese, and I have been capturing life through a camera since I was little tyke. While other kids were buying candy and soda, I was spending my change on disposable cameras! I still love all forms of photography to this day, but especially capturing couples during the most incredible transition of their life, into marriage.

There is no joy like delivering a couples album to them, giving them the gift of a round trip ticket back to their wedding day memories. Adding to that joy, is the privilege of working with my “Second-Shooter Extraordinaire,” Rob. He supports me so that I can put my whole heart into giving you my best. We love to travel and have been on 6 of the worlds continents!! We hope it's just the beginning of seeing this beautiful world and capturing love all around the globe. We love our friends and family and we LOVE what we get to do for a living. I still have to pinch myself sometimes. 

If you are interested in having us capture your special day, we would be so thrilled! Contact us so we can buy you a drink (coffee or otherwise.) We would be happy to share our artistry with you and show you just how important you will be to us. Our priority is to take the stress out of your planning process as much as possible, and to keep the process of hiring a photographer…….well……..SIMPLE.

Simple Light Photography CO